4 Signs That Indicate You Are Dating the Wrong Person

Dating a wrong person has taken a new trend today. There may be many cases wherein you find that the person whom you are dating is not the one whom you should be with. They may be entirely different from you and may not be the right person to date. By the time you realize, it would have taken you all the way to a different direction. Here are few signs that you need to look out for that indicate that you are dating the wrong person.

You Feel Like You Have to Wear a Mask

You have to observe that direction in which your relationship is going, and try to understand the problem. Is the person trying you to mold you to an entirely different personality, which you never wanted to become? This is a surefire sign that are dating the wrong person.

You Find That You Are Not the Priority

The priorities changes according to time. When you are dating a person, you will find that he/she is your first priority. If you find yourself in a position in the priority list where you are least important, you are going wrong; you need not have to search for a place in your partner’s priority list

You Fight All the Time

Young couple arguing

In a scenario wherein you are fighting every day and struggling to make it up, it means there is a problem with your partner or you and the thoughts are not matching up. You or the other person is having high expectations (everything that is too much can ruin your time and mind). Fighting cannot be one sided; it is obviously from both the sides. If fighting every time comes to you, you need to resolve it or end it up there

There Is No Trust

None of the relationships can be built without trust. Trust is the most important thing when you are serious with your partner and that too in a relationship where both have to share their lives together for a long time. If you don’t trust your partner or your partner doesn’t trust you, there is no meaning being or continuing the relationship. When you realize there is no trust in your relationship, it’s time to stop your relationship.

These are the signs, which may help you to find out whether you are dating the right person or now.

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