Love: Art, Ideas, Music, Politics is a gathering happening on 26 & 27 April, 2014 in Minto, NSW. Check the programme here or register here and join us for an exploration and celebration of the power of love.

Whether through the ongoing struggle for equal love, the growing understanding of the need to love and care for the earth or through the desires to overcome the divisions that prevent us from loving those deemed ‘other’ by racist ideologies, the question of how to love and how to love better is an increasingly important question for activists, artists, musicians, dreamers, lovers, dancers, feminists, ravers, queers, and all people everywhere.

The gathering will include a range of activities from workshops and discussions to art, music and dance.  Camping and eating together over two days will allow a variety of encounters to take place among the participants in a relaxed atmosphere that favours slow, compassionate and loving dialogue.

The event might be thought of as a temporary ‘commune’ based on a love ethic in which everybody is encouraged to look out for one another, pitch in with food preparation, childcare, cleaning and helping ensure everything runs smoothly.



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